Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hallway Decor

I forgot to post pictures of my hallway this year. In keeping with the pennant theme, I make these huge art supplies and hung the pennants from them. I don't think I can top last year's circle tree, but this will do!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Art Room- The Latest Version

Warning! This post is photo heavy!!

School has been back in session for a week and I am still adding decorations to my room. It is a work in progress, for sure! This year, I wanted to use pennants in my room to liven up the space.

Here is a view of my room from the door.

Each table is color coordinated, as before, but this year, I put the tissue poofs above the table rather than use the table signs. I didn't want to admit it, but those signs usually ended up being gross by the end of the year. I figured these will stay up and out of the way.

Each table has a bucket and tub to keep their everyday supplies in: pencils, black permanent marker, erasers.

 Here is a shot of my room from the rear, by the sinks.

To make the pennants, I cut a bunch of triangle from various papers. 
(I can't seem to get this photo to rotate, Hmmm...)

Next, I ran a line of hot glue along the top of the flag and attached a ribbon.

Keep going until you reach your desired length, and Voila!

I added pennants with my name to the front of my desk. 
Some of the kids still can't remember my name, even though I have had them for years!

I even made a valance for my windows.

Next, I went crazy re-labeling everything. I am loving the rainbow effect I have going on this year.

Don't you hate it when this happens? Ugh!!!

Have I told you about my picture files? I have several photo references that are laminated and placed in these boxes by category.

For example, if they need a photo of an animal to reference for a drawing, they simply look in file #4. Where have I gotten my photos? Calendars, magazines, books- anywhere I can!

These are the boxes I keep the supplies in for each grade level project they are currently working on.

These are the folders that I keep the student's projects in. 

They are labeled, of course!

At the front of the room, I have my project charts, ART letters, and something new- a plate that the students have to sign out on when they leave the room.

I just bought a $1 melamine plate at Wally World and hot glued a ribbon at the top.

I also glued a pom-pom to the end of a white board marker for an eraser. They sign out when they leave and erase when they return. The art room can be very busy and I like to have that visual of who is out of the room at all times!

But, here is the dilemma- what to call the plate...

You may remember my project charts from last year. I thought they were too boring, so they got a makeover also. And, since you are such loyal followers, I have provided them as a PDF for you to print, There are two different sizes and also two different posters, organized by grade level. 

 Chart 1- 2 pages wide                       Chart 2- 2 pages wide
 Chart 1- 3 pages wide                       Chart 2- 3 pages wide

Simply print them out, glue onto a poster board, and laminate. You can write on them with a dry erase marker and erase them when you change projects!

Here are a few more scenes from my room.

Posters I have hanging up.

I saw this idea online and re-vamped it. Can't find the original file to share it, though. Sorry!!

Found this one at the blog Stay At Home Artist

And this one I found on Pinterest and re-typed it up myself. If I can find the original, I will give credit! I think you deserve a reward for making it this far. How about another printable?


Here is a bulletin board I created at the end of last year. I just revamped the birds from the Fly bulletin Board.  I am sure this will be changed soon!

 A few more shots.

 And, finally, a photo just to show how far I have come since August 1.

 Thank you for viewing my room. I love seeing other teachers' rooms, so if you have photos on your blog, please leave a comment with a link so I can see!!

Oh, by the way, I have added a printable for the Art Sandwich I discussed on the last post.

A gift to you for being so loyal!